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  Our service fees to professional offices such as title companies and other real estate professionals, attorney's law office or other professionals are often a matter of the client's current contractual stipulations, or we can make arrangement's as conditions dictate when you call us the first time.

  IN GENERAL, as a MOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC the basic notary fees in the tables directly below will most likely already be covered in my TIME AND TRAVEL fee of $50 minimum, or the feel already listed in the FEES PAGE for the processing listed, or fees already covered in our current client's agreement.

  Other single notary fees for individuals are as follows for individual notary services, as directed by Texas law, subject to appointment availability and possible additional travel surcharges if your requested meeting location is more than 5 miles from my office location :


TEXAS maximum notary fees WITHOUT "mobile notary" additional fees are listed here. In almost ALL appointments, generally, my MOBILE time and travel fees ALSO cover any of these automatically.


Taking the acknowledgment or proof of any deed or other instrument in writing, for registration, including certificate and seal:
                         (1) for the first signature $6.00
                        (2) for each additional signature
Protesting a bill or note for non-acceptance or non-payment,
register and seal
Each notice of protest
Protesting in all other cases
Certificate and seal to a protest
Administering an oath or affirmation with certificate and seal
All certificates under seal not otherwise provided for
Copies of all records and papers in the Notary Public's office, per page
Taking the depositions of witnesses, for each 100 words
Swearing a witness to a deposition, certificate, seal, and other business connected with taking the deposition
All notarial acts not provided for above


NOTE: "personal" notary events that are not requested from

business clients will be subject to the base mobile travel fee.


ALSO please note - we do NOT do any "in office"  scheduling for notary work .......

We are doing MOBILE notary work, ONLY, coming to your requested location.


Certified Mortgage Signing Agent Services

Either purchase or refinace .........(varies) $75 to $200+


Certified Mortgage Signing Service includes:

  •  setting and meeting appointment with borrower(s),

  •  Printing eDOCs of faxed DOCs if needed on a dual tray HP 1320tn laser printer,

  •  supervision of signing process so all marks required are done, AND at least double checking while still in the appointment location,

  •  assuring that dates on date sensitive docs like 3 day rescission pages are correct, 

  •  all notary work required, including separate certificates as required,

  •  packaging for shipment to closing location and

  •  shipment processing.

  The shipping COST of the "package" for these appointments are generally paid for by document producer in settlement office, otherwise you should add the shipping cost of $25 for FedEx Priority shipping back to the client.


  For residential property first, second and home equity loans (HELOCS), for either  purchases OR refinancing. (Please call for accurate estimates on all commercial real estate signings)

1st mortgage in package or single mortgage $75 ($75 total)
2nd mortgage in package (piggy back) $30 ($105 total)

  All packages above are noted as being completed in a single signing appointment - any needed additional appointments will be totaled separately unless it is caused by notary error

(Overnight delivered package documents -


EDOCS and FAX DOCS (always includes borrower's copy)

Attached to email or downloaded $25.00 additional - for 1st mortgag
with an additional - 2nd mortgage $35.00 total eDOC fee

There is no limit to email document package file size that my server will accept, send as large a file as needed!

You may deliver package documents via internet email or eFAX

eFAX documents $25.00 additional - for 1st mortgage
with an additional - 2nd mortgage $35.00 total eDOC fee

Please call in advance for individual fee pricing on all COMMERCIAL mortgage or purchase certified signing service.



  I also have training and certification by one major company offering these packages and have completed over 150 closings in these mortgages.

 They are also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, with fees starting at $100 - PLUS any needed eDOC print fees as noted above.

  NOTE, though, that reverse mortgages are almost ALWAYS 1st and 2nd notes, and 1st and 2nd deeds of trust due to the way that they are structured, so reverse mortgages will only count as a SINGLE mortgage print fee.

  For eDOC reverse mortgages our MINIMUM fee starts at $125, plus any travel fee due for travel beyond 30 miles round trip from our office, please see the "Service Areas" to calculate that required additional travel fee.

  Please call for pre-agreed fees for your

office's use for this type of mortgage

  If you are a current client you will normally get a discount for multiple appointments booked each month on regular mortgages.


For the process of obtaining digital certificates for you and your employees in the pharmaceutical, aviation or government areas of our economy today I am also certified by the National Notary Association to process the appropriate applications as a

Trusted Enrollment Agent (TEA)


Fee Schedule

Number of Concurrent ID-Proofings Fee per Individual ID-Proofing
1 $35
2-3, additional persons, each $25
4+, additional persons, each $20

All concurrent ID proofing's (done at the same time, same appointment) may be discounted for volume discounts by arranging the entire session in advance.

All TEA appointments may also be subject to mobile notary travel surcharge if your location is further than 15 miles round trip from my office in Dallas, please call ahead so that we check fro that travel mileage.

ALL ID Proofing sessions are subject to possible mobile agent travel surcharges shown on the Service Areas page.


Emergencies and jailhouse appointments


  We realize that life isn't a prewritten script, with guaranties of what will or won't happen to you, so if you find yourself in an emergency or behind bars needing my services, please do NOT HESITATE to call, any time of day.

  Appointments made for between 5:00 PM and 6:00 AM will all require special pricing, depending on time of day or night the service will be required, and depending on location of the meeting place.

  Please note, in my previous experience with this kind of appointment, ALL Jailhouse notary service STARTS at $100 mobile travel and waiting fee, plus additional needed notary fee for each notary event requested (using the chart above).

  Based on many appointments of this type since 2005, the time and travel normally involved will always be a lot of waiting time once I arrive to take care of your notary needs.

  Please have the needed fee available in cash for jailhouse appointments as stated above before I arrive, as I will ONLY accept cash at the appointment for these services, for reasons that are hopefully obvious.

  Appointments other than jailhouse settings with times between 5:00 PM and 6:00 AM also start at $100, plus notary fee for each notary event (using the chart above) OR, if you are requesting a mortgage signing directly as the borrower, or real estate transaction package as one of the parties, plus the fee for those services as stated below.

Requested Fax back pages

 $1.00 per page

Unless we have preapproved FREE faxbacks in advance for your office!

We know some fax back pages may be required by YOUR mortgage company clients, but they still involve a lot of handling time in this office, and occasionally long distance telephone  fees, to process the fax back request, so these fees may not be negotiable.

Ask us about this when booking your appointment.

  Professional title or signing service offices should call and see how well I will treat them ......... your fees can be perfectly defined and settled in the first phone call.

  I discount all customers who regularly call to arrange appointments multiple times in each  month, and encourage first time customer callers to become repeat customers with guarantied great service and qualified, upfront fees, even for travel. 

  I travel from the border with Mexico to deep into Orange County if needed and arranged for....... from the coast deep into the high desert area and mountains and for the right travel fee will cover most of Orange, Imperial, and Riverside Counties, as well as all of San Diego County for a very reasonable price, always stated up front. You can book my time in all confidence that you have the complete price of your work in advance.

For travel fees please see our Service Areas page.

Cert fied Notary Signing Agent 


Call, 858-964-3780

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Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney, and as a Texas Notary Public I am prohibited by law  to act as an attorney

or to give ANY legal advice, and as such I do not  prepare legal documents for YOUR USE.

 Please consult with an attorney if you need legal advice or that kind or document

creation work done BEFORE you call me, or any other notary public.


Last update on  5/29/2015